Hedendaagse ring, 18k goud en edelsteen

Ring Facet Sphere

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A round ball, like a celestial body, locked on top of the ring. A perfectly sharpened gemstone that seems to radiate light, or a rough shell that rises out of the earth like lava. The facets cut into this sphere reflects nicely the light.

Finished with stones of 10mm or 12mm diameter. Available with various kinds of gemstones, semiprecious stones or minerals, and in 6 gold colors.

Model - ring facet sphere
Colors - soft yellow, rose bronze, red, cognac (warm white), grey white, bright white
Material - 18k gold Au750
Surface - silk matt
Width - 8mm - 10mm
Stone type - varius gemstones like garnet, ruby, aquamarine, tourmaline, quarts, onyx, lava or old glass bead
Stone cut - sphere
Stone size - 10mm - 12mm

About Classics

The sophisticated simplicity of these Classic jewels brings them back to their essence, which makes the diamond or metal speak for itself. With this collection, I am able to combine a timeless design with a high wearing comfort.

Clear lines, fine materials and technical perfection are some characteristics of these minimalistic jewels. Due to their pure, sculptural shapes and expressive character, the Classics give a balanced and strong impression.

Their purity and beauty make these jewels not only a joy to behold, but also objects that can be cherished for a lifetime.