verlovingsring in verschillende kleuren goud

About colors

Gold does not have to be strictly white or yellow: it offers possibilities for a rich color palette. Also, there are different types of skin, which suit certain colors better. We are happy to help you with expert advise to find the right color tone.

All our gold alloys are 18k: 750 out of 1000 parts consist of pure gold (yellow color). They are alloyed with other metals (silver, palladium or copper) to give the gold a sufficient hardness.

By adding small nuances to these alloys, different colors emerge. We offer no less than 9 alloys of 18k gold, in 9 different colors (gold with black rhodium is an extra option).

All these alloys are nickel free and user friendly. The gold is ethical and durable (originating from recycling by purification), it has conflict free origins (LBMA certification Responsible Gold Guidance) and is CFSI- or RJC-certified.