Witgouden ring met witte diamantjes

Ring Connected Tripple

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The soft curve of this ring closes, connected by 3 little diamonds.

Available in 6 gold colors.

Model - ring connected tripple
Colors - soft yellow, rose bronze, red, cognac (warm white), grey white, bright white
Material - 18k gold Au750
Surface - silk matt
Width - 10mm
Stone type - white natural diamond
Stone cut - round brilliant cut
Stone size - 1.0mm

About Classics

The sophisticated simplicity of these Classic jewels brings them back to their essence, which makes the diamond or metal speak for itself. With this collection, I am able to combine a timeless design with a high wearing comfort.

Clear lines, fine materials and technical perfection are some characteristics of these minimalistic jewels. Due to their pure, sculptural shapes and expressive character, the Classics give a balanced and strong impression.

Their purity and beauty make these jewels not only a joy to behold, but also objects that can be cherished for a lifetime.