Pyramid Starflower Earrings

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Like the grand pyramids of ancient Egypt, the jewels from the Star Pyramid collection are truly exceptional.

They are the epitome of sophisticated and timeless elegance; radiating with a strong and confident energy, yet also having a sense of mystery and wonder over them.

The centerpiece of each jewel is a stunning smokey quartz cut into a beautiful Starflower, luring it’s beholder with it’s intricate motif and dark gracefulness.

To emphasize the unique shape of these precious stones, they are mounted in a distinctive pyramidal setting. The pyramid is pointing inwards towards the body of the wearer, making a connection and creating a unique flow of energy between the piece and the person wearing it.

Whether you choose the earrings, the pendant or one of the gorgeous rings, each jewel is masterfully designed and made with the greatest precision and care by fine metal artist Rembrandt Jordan - wearable works of wonder in 18k gold.

Model - pyramid starflower
Material - picture: 18k rose gold AU750
Stones - smokey quartz
Stone cut - unique pyramid starflower cut
Stone size - 6.40ct