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Rings Landscape

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These rings form a miniature landscape, shaped in fine metal. The subtle and timeless design can be combined with a diamond of 1.5mm, or several smaller diamonds, spread like accents through the landscape. Available in 6 gold colors and platinum.

Model - wedding rings landscape R166 fine
Colors - soft yellow, rose bronze, red, cognac (warm white), grey white, bright white
Material - 18k gold Au750 or platin Pt950
Surface - structured matt
Width - from 2mm
Stone type - white diamond or several natural fancy colored diamonds (champagne, brown, orange, yellow, pink...)

About Wedding Rings

Small objects, big subjects

The duality between lovers inspired me to design a unique collection of wedding rings. Each ring is handmade and engraved.
My starting point is always a personal approach and work method. Which gold color best matches your skin color, what is the correct ring width for your hand, would you go for a minimalistic or a more expressive ring...?
This way, you can add another diamond (or multiple diamonds) to create more accent.

I use my years of experience to guide you in your choice for the perfect ring, one that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Almost all ring models from the various collections can be personalised. They can be made in a width of 3mm to 10mm, and are available in 9 different 18k gold colors or platinum. A solitary diamond or a composition of various diamonds can also be custom made.