Ring in brons rosé goud met rutielkwarts

Ring Square Rutil in Red

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A square stone set tightly, reveals the hidden secret of the stone's inclusions.

This timeless design can be finished with various gemstones, every stone is unique, and available in 6 gold colors.

This piece is one of a kind and is already sold. I can make a similar design with different gemstones upon request.

Model - ring R275 in 18k brons/rose gold
Colors - soft yellow, rose bronze, red, cognac (warm white), grey white, bright white
Material - 18k gold Au750
Surface - matt
Stones - ring picture: quarts with golden rutil needle inclusions
Stone type - varius gemstones like garnet, ruby, aquamarine, tourmaline, quarts, prehnit, onyx
Stone cut - square princess table cut