Sculpturale broche of wandsculptuur sterling zilver en veerstaal

Brooch / Sculpture Rotar 2

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This minimalistic expressive pure shape, becomes a new archetypical object in itself.

Model - rotar 2
Colors - white
Material - silver Ag925, spring steel
Surface - matt
Function - sculptural brooch, wall sculpture

About Sculptural

I often regard this jewellery collection as perfect miniatures, or small sculptures. This way, they become an autonomous work of art.

It is always a challenge for me to put a story into a piece of jewellery - hence the title 'small objects – big subjects'.

Each object has its own background and interacts with the wearer. They become real pieces of jewellery once object and body form a unity, emphasizing the wearer's natural beauty and expression.

Pure shapes with a strong presence characterize this sculptural jewellery. Their clarity and aesthetics make these jewels not only a joy to behold, but objects that can be cherished for a lifetime.