Oorjuwelen Stella Nebula

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This pair of sculptural earrings is a one-of-a kind jewel from the Stella Nebula collection.

Inspired by nebulae, the interstellar clouds where stars are born, these pieces capture the mystical and compelling beauty of the cosmos.

The pair consists of a 16,99 carats ametrine (untreated, natural colour) on the one side, and a sculptural shape in 18k red gold Au750, mirroring the unique stone cut, on the other side. Together they form a precious duo to be worn as a statement jewel.

The size of the earrings is approximately 24 by 19 mm for each piece.

Total weight: 17,23gr

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Model - Stella Nebula
Materiaal - 18k rood goud Au750
Stenen - ametrien 16,99 ct
Slijpvorm - unieke slijpvorm
Functie - sculpturale oorringen
Jaar - 2020
Prijs - op aanvraag