Conversation in Time with Ushabti

Conversations in Time is an evolving art project by Rembrandt Jordan in which the artist places his own work in relation to ancient artifacts, objects or fossils.

Looking for an interaction in shape, function or symbolism, two entities are put opposite each other. A unique dialogue arises wherein both surpass their original function and singularity, creating a new context as a pair.

This engaging interaction only exists in the present moment, in the continuous exchange of energy between the two. Making a connection in the inevitable tension or attraction, finding each other in the space in between.

It’s an enduring conversation, exceeding time and space.

Ushabti Hathor M. Hakhet (small) : Egyptian faience, Late Period 26th Dynasty, ex-collection Maspero

Ushabti of Ipethemetes (large) : Egyptian faience, Late Period 664-332 BC

Concerto Grosso: functional,sculptural objects in silver Ag925 by Rembrandt Jordan.

Jaar - 2019