Lilac Starflower ring

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Dive into the wondrous world of ‘Starflower’, a unique collection of precious stones and jewellery by fine metal artist Rembrandt Jordan.

Cosmic images of bright, shining stars and flourishing flowers arise when looking into the depths of these stunning gems.

The unique flowerlike stone cut brings out the intrinsic and extraordinary features of each gemstone. Whether you choose a golden citrine or a deep purple amethist, every starflower will enchant you with it’s striking appearance and exceptional quality. Captivating it’s beholder, like a blooming flower.

To emphasize it’s sublimity, starflowers are made into exclusive, high-end jewelry pieces in 18k gold or platin.

Pick your flower, and let yourself be enticed by it’s mysterious and ever-mesmerizing beauty.

Model - Starflower
Kleuren - verschillende kleuren mogelijk: zacht geel, rosé brons, rood, cognac (warm wit), grijs wit, fel wit
Materiaal - 18k rood goud Au750
Oppervlakte - mat gesatineerd
Afmetingen - 16 mm diameter
Stenen - amethist 13,36 ct
Steensoort - diverse edelstenen mogelijk zoals citrien, rookkwarts, rozekwarts, toermalijn, aquamarijn
Slijpvorm - bloemenslijpsel
Functie - ring
Prijs - 2019