Ra Rising

The cycle of Ra

The sun disk; the rising sun and the rebirth of an era, named Ra is the originator of the ancient Egyptian pantheon. Fascinated by this mythology Rembrandt Jordan created three objects that may be appreciated in their own right, but are conceived from the outset as an ensemble of elements constantly in motion, like the cycle of life. The three related pieces are part of a family of related forms: Ra Rising, the Mask of the descending Ra and Liquid Copper.

Ra Rising (2020)

Like the sun god Ra rises above the waiving papyrus reeds along the Nile, this red copper disk ascends on top of four bars of shining steel. They symbolize the four elements associated with the Egyptian sun god: heaven, earth, humidity and air. The length of these rods equal a multiplicity of 108 times the diameter of the sun.

Material - Disk of tombak on rods of stainless steel
Dimensions - h: 309cm
Year - 2020, sun disk 2004