The Space In between

Form and counter form

Throughout history there have been goldsmiths and jewelry designers who approached their craft with the mindset of an artist. Cellini, Quellinus and others disputed the dividing lines between the so called applied-, decorative- and visual arts. To the contemporary craftsman Rembrandt Jordan working in his atelier in the centre of Antwerp above a 16th century cellar, history is always close. He likes to dwell into the endless world of ideas of illustrious predecessors and philosophers. Specifically in his monumental pieces like the Monoliths and The Watcher, Jordan tries to translate the finesse of jewelry (as a means of personal expression) into the monumental  presence of an art object. In his vision The Watcher and other Monoliths serve as vessels for a variety of meanings, derived from philosophies and esoteric sources founded in the common cultural memory of civilization. Jordan’s Monoliths stand tall, rising up from the earth from which everything originated, functioning as receptors as well as transmitters of spiritual energy.

Material - red copper on a wooden structure
Dimensions - h: 300cm
Year - 2022